Financially Supporting Myself at 19

I’m in a new and unfamiliar city at 19. You can imagine that with this comes financial responsibilities. Like a lot of them. I made the choice to figure it out. I’ve never had to pay much for myself all alone. My parents do not help me with my bills; it’s me, and it’s hard! It has been super stressful, but I have always worked through it and am determined to succeed.

Down below I’ve come up with a solution of how to improve my financial state in 2020. Please check out my plan below and let me know what your budget plan will be for the next year!

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  1. Destiny says:

    Proud of you kiddo. Keep up the good work. I moved out at 18 and still don’t have a budget so you’re doing better then your big sis. My advice to you is don’t let the set backs bother you. We all have goals and sometimes we don’t reach out goals in the time we a lot for them but if we persist we’ll get to our goals eventually. Love you lots and keep up the good work.

  2. Kristen says:

    Proud of you!

  3. Ali Workentin says:

    Great job Jade. We too have a budget. Two things we do on payday is 10% goes to tithing and 10% to savings. Then we pay all our obligations. Good luck on your new adventure!!

  4. Julie A. says:

    Impressive Jade! Wow!

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